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If you ask people who I am, they would probably tell you about how I look like a tough guy – and then say that I'm actually a softie inside. Is that something to be ashamed of? I don't think so, no. I'm secure enough with my being a man to know that you don't have to be completely tough to be called a man. 

I know I look like the rough and scruffy type, too. I hope you don't start thinking of me as less than a man because of that, though. I think of my long and curly hair as self-expressionism. But why am I trying to explain myself to a stranger? I'm a musician. I make music. I like it when my appearance gives people a better idea about what I do. It's not that I'm shallow – I've grown up enough to know that things are never really as they seem. But I like doing what I do, anyway.


You should know by now that I'm the essay a-writer type of guy. Yeah, I make music and write essays. Does that sound romantic? Better than all those swaggers and hip-hop guys, anyway. I'm a thoughtful soul, and I believe in soulmates. I don't really think it's going to work, but I hope I meet my soulmate somewhere out here. Will you like me enough because of what I've written on my profile? I hope it would make you care enough to find out more about me, anyway.

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