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Download problems FAQ

Subtitle download will not work if you use an internet proxy for anonymous surfing or unblocking websites!

For some people the use of our alternative site might work better.

If you can't download a subtitle from subscene, there are several things you can do:

1. Use a different browser and keep the browser updated
If that works, you know that the problem is browser-specific.
If that doesn't work either, you know that it is a general problem.

Does anything happen at all?

If you don't see anything happening when you click on "Download" or on a subtitle, it is most likely a problem with javascript and/or referrers. See points 2. and 3. below.

1a. If something happens and you can see a line like this,

Download Subtitle Rate it: Good | Bad or Fake

javascript is working correctly and it could be a problem with the referrers (see 3.)

When you click on "Download Subtitle", you should see this:

Downloading.. Rate it: Good | Bad or Fake

Download problems? Click here
Noticed the "Click here"? This is a direct download link to the subtitle. Give it a try. 
1b. All I can download is a file subtitle.aspx!

That's not right. Aspx files contain HTML code that tell the browser what to do - in this case, download a subtitle (.srt, .txt, .sub, .ssa, .ass, .smi, .txt) or an archive (.rar or .zip).
Most likely your browser is outdated. If you still use Internet Explorer 6, now it's time to update to IE8 or any other modern browser (Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc). If you are already using a newer browser, try a different one.
Important question: Do you have problems with other websites and aspx pages or is subscene the only one that doesn't work? Please continue reading at 2. and 3.

1c. All the RAR-files I download cannot be opened. Winrar says they are corrupted.

Please make sure that you don't use any download managers. They often cause problems. It's also possible that Norton Antivirus and the Norton Toolbar cause problems. You could disable Norton temporarily to see if anything changes.

2. Make sure that javascript is enabled. You can enable/disable javascript in every browser. Have a look at the settings in options or preferences.

2a. If you use Firefox and NOSCRIPT, make sure that you allow javascript for subscene.

3. Subscene needs referrers enabled.
Referrers are used to find out how a user got to a site or page (i.e. which site referred to this site). Some people don't want anybody to know where they came from, and therefore they block all referrers. Problem is, the site navigation of subscene uses referrers and it doesn't work properly without.

Some browsers can block or disable referrers, others have problems with referrers in some cases (Safari under MacOS). Try a different browser.

3a. Firefox: this is how you can check if referrers are enabled:
Enter "about:config" as URL, then search for "referer" (notice the spelling with only one "r"). The value of "network.http.sendRefererHeader" should be "2". If not, correct it.

Some internet security suites like Norton Internet Security are known to change that setting. It's usually related to privacy settings, sometimes also called "Stealth Mode".

3b. Check firewalls and internet security software for "privacy" or "stealth" settings that could be responsible for blocking referrers..

4. If you have checked different browsers, the alternative download method, javascript and referrers are enabled and you still can't download, don't give up yet.

Now is the time to write a detailled message in our "Contact Us" forum.

It's easier for us to help if you give us as much information as possible:

- Operating system (Windows XP, Vista, MacOS etc)
- Browser (Firefox 3.xx, Internet Explorer 8, Safari etc.)
- Javascript and referrers checked and enabled?
- Any internet security software installed? Which one?
- Do you have problems with other websites as well or is subscene the only one that doesn't work properly?
- Please tell us exactly what goes on.
- Have you been able to download before and now it doesn't work any more?
- Any changes to your system before that happened?
- Have you tried different browsers?

The more we know about your problem the better our chances are to help you.

Have you read and tried all of the above? Alright, then. Now is the time to write us a message with as much information as possible. Please give it a meaningful title, too.

(Click here to write a new message)

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