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Also-Access Denied


I have downloaded and uploaded many subtitles.  This is the first time I ever recieved a message when searching for a subtitle that "Access is denied" and that I do not have permission to search/download this subtitle.  I was search for a National Geographic expisode called "What's Sexy."  Possibly subtitles are not even available, however I've never received this message before.


Hi, do you have the URL (webpage) you got the Access Denied from!?


Hi, thanks for getting back to us. Do you have the URL of the page you tried downloading from? (before you saw the Access denied page)


I've tried this several times.  I initially connect to then from the Search for Subtitles box I put in "What's Sexy" (making certian that I am logged on, which happens automatically for me when I connect to your site).

 The next screen I see is the other link I posted for you with the error.

 Sorry, I misunderstood what you were originally asking.

Hi again, do you also get the error if you log out?

I just both ways, logged on and logged off; get the same error with both.  I'm not trying to cause a problem here, I was just confused.  Do you believe I'm doing something wrong?

Are you searching for the "Film title" or "Release name" or do you get the error message at both? Also on the search.aspx page?  And what browser are you using? Have you tried other browsers?

Thanks again. We would love to resolve this bug. 

I just tried searching for both Film Title and Release Name with logged in and not logged in for each, and I received the same error message all four times.  The system I have been using for the past year is running Vista Ultimate and IE7.0.6000.16575.  Currently it is the only browser I have loaded on this system.

 I would be most happy to help you in any way I can.  I'm about to head to bed for the night, but tomorrow I can try another system I have here, it's running WinXP and IE7.  I can also load another brower if you'd like me to try something.  Just let me know.

I also receive the same errors for both serches from the search.aspx page.

Thank again timmer. I will be off for holiday this next week. Be sure to clear you cookie for and alternatively try with Firefox.

I will be able to help you further after the 20th of Jan.


Ohh, was not signed in before.

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