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Subscene Toolbar is working again!

!!Nice Work!!

This is so great! Is there any chance it might work with Opera in future? :D

Glad you like it.

The toolbar is powered by conduit, so as soon as they figure out how to support opera, the subscene toolbar will do so, too. There is nothing I can do about it.

ياريت يتم تحديث التول بار

لانه مع النسخه 7 من الفيرفوكس

لا يمكن البحث

The toolbar works fine with Firefox 7.x. You could refresh the toolbar like this:

Click on the menu item "Refresh Toolbar" in the subscene menu.


If that doesn't help, try updating your add-ons.

It can't work on my Chrome..

i already installed it, but doesn't work at all.. why

I am using it with google chrome right now, and it's working.

So it doesn't work for you "at all". Does that mean it doesn't even install? Please tell me what happens exactly. Thanks.

It installed correctly. But after install, doesn't appear in my toolbar. I already checked it in Extension, there's Subscene ext, i enabled it, but the result is same, doesn't appear.. Any idea?

I tested it on 3 computers now, and it's always working. Maybe you block it somehow, like noscript or some internet security software (firewall) prevents it from starting.

Uninstall/Reinstall both Google Chrome and toolbar *might* help.

All I know is that it is working in general, and I am afraid that's all I can tell you. Please tell us if and when you find a solution. Thx.



 Well-done man !

We really do appreciate your hard work here . . .

Thanks a million rogard


Keep the great work up !



The toolbar will not work properly until subscene has made the full transition to version 3. I don't see the point in updating it before then.

To be honest, I am not sure that I will continue the development, and I don't know if it is still needed since the new version of subscene has made some progress and is easier to use (I hope...)

Thank you everybody who has used it in the past.

If you have any ideas how to continue, let's hear them. :-)


Toolbars are dead, you should make an extension [ like a browser app ], better..

that's what i think :)

it would be great if there's an extension telling me if a new subtitle is available for a movie/tv show episode from some kind of a predefined list..

i know you're talking about the toolbar developement here, i just thought i should throw it out here :)

I just updated the subscene toolbar. Now it's working again. :-)

If something doesn't work as expected, please drop me a note. Thanks.

The Toolbar worked great with Chrome.  Last week all of a sudden my New Tab theme didn't show on the screen.  I tried several other themes and none of them  worked.  Then I removed the Subscene toolbar and now I have my Chrome theme again.  I don't know if I'll try the Toolbar again.  It was easier for me to use the website.

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