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[STICKY] Report Machine Translations

In the recent days, there are more and more machine translation subtitles that are being spotted on It's getting pretty tiring for us admins to spot it out for ourselves as these subtitles soon re-surface on this wondeful subtitle site.

We would like you guys to help us if there are machine translation subtitles. Simply put up the link here but remember, POSTS IN ENGLISH ONLY and ONLY MACHINE TRANSLATED SUBTITLES!! Not many of us understand Arabic and only those subtitles translated via a machine translator like Babel or Google are allowed to be reported.

Thank you very much!

 This should do it and will knocked them down, nice Verdikt


Hey guys,

I've been seeing that this thread is not being used. If you spot any subtitle that isn't a good one, report it to us over here, please! We will make sure they get deleted ASAP!!

By quoting the words of John Connor, prophesised leader of the Resistance, I hope you'll understand the urgency of this thread:

Christian Bale:
You have no idea how important you are and how important you will become. The machine... (translators) are planning something big.

[after an hour]

But we are not machines.

And if we behave like them, then what is the point in winning?

Thus, please report them here!! Thank you. 

Angels & Demons Full English sub

This is my first time posting in the forum after a request from Verdikt....hope this is the right place to report machine translated subtitles.


Yes, it is the correct place.

Thank you. :)

I upload the machine translation subs for 12 rounds, that subscene administrator deleted it. That's okay but here machine translated subs for so many movies are available. You should delete that also...........

 Indeed they should all be deleted, so if you have a good idea how we are supposed to find them in over 220.000 subtitles..... :-)

Just give us the links to machine translations and we will delete them all. Thank you.

I lost count but I am sure that I alone deleted more than 1.000 machine translations by now. And my fellow admins do the same, so we are trying very hard. It would make our lives so much easier if people stopped uploading machine translations in the first place.

A machine translation for the movie:

"Don't Look Down" (No mires para abajo)


 And an English translation for the same movie, was put wrongfully as Arabic:


Please remove them.



Hello, It's a good thread. we needed it.

So, please delete these subs.

 he uploaded his subtitle twice. It's just a google translation!!!



Thanks em@d.

Deleted both of them..

 So rate a subtitle as "fake" is useless ?

No. Please rate it as a Fake subtitle and report it over here.

Thanks! :)

Night at the Museum 2 english sub is terrible. even in the beginning of 30 mins its awful. I am desperate for the english sub of this movie :D

The user did try his best to transcribe the first 30 mins so please give him some credit for doing so.

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