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[STICKY] Report Faulty subtitles


brutal fight will break out if you didn't settle it dr kalid

 no we are fine, :)

this sub is fake its not for part 2 of this movie

its for part one and he post it for part 2 of the movie

plz delete this sub

and thank u 4 everything 

All in order now. Thanks.

thank u  Dr kalid

Dear Admin of Subscene,

Please delete this subtitle

I translated it  2 months ago, and yesterday he uploaded it saying HE TRANSLATED IT 

He even gave his email and phone number for contacting (!?)

I don't want to make a fuss, so please just delete it. 

You can compare it to my sub here

They're 99.99% the same, except for the translator credit

Thanks very much in advance!



Actually the translation is quite good, but something is wrong with the file format. When I try to open it in Subtitleworkshop I get a message saying:"It's a bad subtitle or unsupported format". Would appreciate your help.


Anybody? Please Sad

Works fine for me on SubtitleWorkshop. Which version do you have?

Dear Rogard Please Delet This Subtitle Becouse Of Uploader Remove Name of Translator From Subtitle



These subs are for hearing impaired.


Thanks, guys! :)

Good subs, but for… "Major Dundee" , et not for " Knight and Day (2010) !

Just the trailer, and rather poor too Whisper

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