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When to rate subtitles "bad" or "fake"

We have many many "wrong" ratings, so here is a brief explanation how to do it:

What does "FAKE" mean?

Something that is not the real thing, something that is not what it says it is.

So please give a subtitle a "FAKE" rating if it is

  1. - not a real subtitle at all (a virus, a link to rapidshare or other sites, a text file with advertising)
  2. - a bad and obvious machine translation
  3. - for the wrong film
  4. - in the wrong language

Please write a comment and say what is wrong with it. That makes it easier for the admins to react.

A subtitle is NOT a fake if it is

  1. - a IDX subtitle. Although they can't be uploaded any more, there are still many older subtitles that can stay. They work nicely if you have ffdshow or vobsub
  2. - in more than one parts, usually an IDX subtitle. Save each part to harddisk, name the first part "part1.rar", the second "part2.rar" and so on. If you have done that with all parts, you can open the first part and it will work now.
  3. - in an unknown or unwanted subtitle format.
    Allowed are: _srt, _sub, _ass, _smi, _ssa, _txt, (not any more: idx+sub).
  4. - the right language and for the right film, but for some reason the timing is doesn't fit your film release
  5. - a bad translation or transcript but made by a human.
  6. - from somebody you don't like

A subtitle should get a "BAD" rating if it is

  1. - really really seriously bad. A few bad sentences do not make a subtitle bad.
  2. - so full of mistakes and errors that it is unuseable.
  3. - not fitting for the video release it is named after (DiAM0ND or aXXo etc.)
  4. - a clumsy and inaccurate translation or transcript. Please be kind here, it is a lot of work to make a subtitle. Ask yourself: Is it worse than no subtitle at all? If so, you can rate it bad.
  5. - a duplicate of an already existing subtitle with the same release name
  6. - stolen from the original translator by removing the name and putting another name in

Again, a subtitle is NOT bad if it

  1. - doesn't fit your release - unless it says so in the name or comment
  2. - is made in a language or by someone you don't like.
  3. - is made by the "competition"

 Please don't rate any subtitle more than once.

If your subtitle has been rated "fake" or "bad" and you think that it doesn't deserve that,
please contact the admins.

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