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Tutorial: How to sync an IDX subtitle

Note that the upload of IDX subtitles is currently not allowed, but this information might still be useful.

 Have you ever wanted to change the timing of a IDX SUB subtitle without converting it to .srt or other text subtitl formats? Here is one way to do it.

You need the vobsub package which includes the program subresync.

Start menu

Start it from the start menu.

Open subtitle

Open a IDX SUB subtitle. (Make sure it is not in a rar archive any more)


choose subtitle

 Open the .idx or .sub, it doesn't matter which one.


open available languages

Now open the available subtitle tracks.


choose language

Choose the track / language you want.


ready to go

Now we are ready to change the timing.


Constant delay 15 seconds

In our example, the subtitle is 15 seconds too late through the whole film == constant delay. 


right-click the circle

Right-click (means klick with right mouse button) on the circle until you get the red arrow pointing down.


changed to red arrow

Found it!


now edit the timing

We need to add 15 seconds, that makes it 00:00:23.975.


timing edited



This is how it looks

 The Preview shows the changed timing. Notice that the left column does still show the old timing.


save the subtitle under new name

Save your subtitle under a new name.


Did it really work? Yes!

To check if it all worked you need to open the new subtitle.



There it is.


It worked!

So we changed the timing. Now that was the easy part. What if you have a film where the subtitle is completely wrong? All you need is the time of the first and the last subtitle line. Use your media player to find out the right timings and write them down.

More complex editing

 This time we right-click until the green dot appears.


Set new start time

We change the start time...


 Start time set


Now go to the last line

 Now we need to go to the last line and get the green dot there as well:

Right-click for the green dot for last line

There it is. Now the time for the last line...


Edit last time



That's it

Save the subtitle and you're finished.

You can do even more complicated operations. You can change the timings for specific parts of the subtitle, you can do time stretches of passages or the whole can even do multiple things at the same time....

Advanced stuff

What you can't do is splitting the subtitle (or at least I don't know how)



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