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American.Hustle.2013.DVDSCR.x264.AC3-FooKaS - English

This is a American.Hustle.2013.DVDSCR.x264.AC3-FooKaS - English subtitle discussion.

I don't even need to check the quality to rate your subs now :) Thanks dexter

Thanks for your really hard work.

You're welcome fellas, thanks for the support.

Yeah, i know  it's a shame someone would re-up same sub again. But, i do support and welcome anyone who uses it for translation into any other language. As long as it help people who  is HI.

you are something for yourself, you are EXTREMELY good. :-)

D3xt3r awesome job bro.. fk the copy pasters.. At least let some one prove that you are their father :D Thanks for the subs.. They are smooth and working with American Hustle [2013] DVDScr XviD-SaM..

D3xt3r .. you the man! Thanks for this and all the others you've created, to help those like me that struggle to enjoy a film properly. Without you, and the others that do this, I'd miss out on these films. So thanks, massive thanks!

Good job, dude

Thank you very much for the subtitles, been waiting for this.

To make it fit with FiNGERBLAST version you got to add 10 sec to the subtiles, you can do so by going tools > sync in VLC

I think the sub works with American.Hustle.2013.DVDScr.XViD-Snake

Thank you very much D3xt3r, I was waiting for this! I have english as a second language, so it helps me to understand the plot.

Very appreciated.

Dude, you rock.  THanks a bunch for this.  I'm hard of hearing and this is like gold.   Have a great one.

Excellent, thanks.

Great job, thanks for your subtitles..

excuse me, i want to resync your sub dude
i need your permission :D
this is a great sub (y)

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