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cube.1997.350.x264 - English

This is a cube.1997.350.x264 - English subtitle discussion.

I use Aegisub to create my subtitles. The native file format is an SRT SubRib in UTF-8 format. I use one unicode character in this file, an eighth note symbol. So, if you save the subtitle file in ANSI format, only the eighth note symbols will become garbled. I have taken the same care in transcribing this subtitle as I have in my previous subtitles.

This subtitle was transcribed while watching YIFY's cube.1997.350.x264.mkv from their Cube Trilogy. I transcribed this subtitle because it was the only one of the three that did not include the subtitle. Please note that all three movies in the YIFY Cube Trilogy movie rip are encoded at 25 fps and not their usual 23.976 fps. Therefore, this subtitle is transcribed at 25 fps. If your movie rip is encoded at any other framerate, this subtitle will not sync properly. Even if you adjust your player's subtitle synchronization, the sync will continue to drift because of the framerate difference. If you want to use this file and don't have a movie framerate of 25 fps, you can get YIFY's Cube Trilogy here:

Cube Trilogy

Again, I used an Urban Dictionary for phrases like, "Ja hear what I said?", which correctly written would be, "Did you hear what I said?" and "Lookit 'im" for "Look at him." Even though it isn't always easy, I try to transcribe what the actors say, the way the actors say it.


Brilliant! Thank you SO much for this-I was looking for this particular subtitle all over and couldn't find it anywhere. I really admire the hard work you put into this-in fact I made an account just to say thanks!

PS- I like the urbanization.  A LOT more work, but it pays off when one sees the film.

Thanks again!

Thank you for your comments, djinnlevelfourteen. You are most welcome!

This subtitles file can be used on the film of this torrent:

Cube Trilogy 1997 2002 2004 DVDRip XviD AC3-RyDeR (Kingdom-Release)


Only need to delay the subtitles for about 8200ms.

Nice Work !

Hope that we find an Arabic Translation like that for YiFi

Thanks for your best effort and with my best wishes, I remain.

Thank you, nazboxe!

I don't create subtitles often. And when I do, they're for my own personal use. I created this account because, once the work was done, I thought I might as well share it with others.

Unfortunately, my native language is English and I don't speak any other languages. Otherwise, I might consider posting translated versions upon request. I've thought of using a translator, but those are never completely reliable. (At least, not from my experience).

I hope you eventually find a decent Arabic translation.


thanks a million its a perfect match

You're very welcome, desainc!

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