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2.Days.In.New.York.2012.VODRip.XviD-HS - English

This is a 2.Days.In.New.York.2012.VODRip.XviD-HS - English subtitle discussion.

Another "survey" linked sub. Somebody is making money from these surveys.

That's the same crap you get from ikersif, remsmer, suppglo, anagster, jeimen, folierty, gyrtesio, repiker, dajafus, cuskos, tinkiles, civernik, freling, uaslep, mejrah, coporov and greedecop who belong to the same bull-shit club. They want you to do a survey to get their phony subtitle. Your members must be just as phony as your subtitles.



Don't waste your time download this subtitle because there is BLANK !!! nothing inside the file.!  That person is so FAKE!


Why is this sub still color coded in green as good.

Is this rating system that easily manipulated?


gak mutu




Page 1 of 1 (10 items)