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rogard : You will be missed, it is not a farewell but C U around :-)



I don't know how to express my feelings...

rogard is going to quit... But because of our good luck, he will not leave for good :-)

We will see him from time to time..



You know how much I respect and like you.

I cannot find words... But it was my good luck that we have become friends.. Yes, it is my good luck though I don't have a luck! :-)

It is your call after all.


Ps: I don't want you to leave! Just stay as a super-admin, do whatever you want whenever you see it fit.


Subscene community: Please, say that to him. Subscene will be lost without this guy.

Insist on his staying with us as a super-admin. Don't give him a choice to leave us.

We don't ask him to do anything... Just stay for the most necessary thing.


المشرف روجارد سيغادرنا , أعلم أنه ربما الكثير من الأعضاء العرب ربما لا يعرفونه أو ربما يعرفونه

لا أعرف بالضبط

لكنه من أهم المشرفين هنا في الموقع و قد قدم الكثير هنا , أرجو منكم ألا تبخلوا عليه و لو بكلمة شكر على كل ما قدمه لنا

ان كان علي , فأنا لا أريده أن يغادر 

فالموقع سيضيع من دونه , لذا طالبوه بالبقاء  إن أمكن

ما رأيكم بربيع عربي آخر هنا في الموقع


good luck in ur life mate

thanks for all u have done for this site

Yes, one of our greatest and most active administrators are leaving moving forward to new things. He will be missed and of course always welcome here at his old home.

Forever you will be a trusted user of Subscene and I must say it has have been comfortable having you around and leaving you with the highest privileges to take action and improve subscene for all its users. And gently correcting those that have misunderstood the concept :)

Ohh and also thank you for all the great suggestions to improving the website. I am implementing many of them in the new version.

Farewell and good speed on your ventures!

Do keep in touch.


Good day...

We appreciated much the time we spent and shared each


Leaving us is not a good bye because we will treasure those


We hope and pray to catch you and see you around


Best regards,

Brother Abdullah

Good luck buddy. [Sad]  <img src=" />

Thanks for all

Good luck and success in all you choose to do in  life

Thanx man for everything | ♥♥♥

& Gd luck

Dear Rogard,

It was a great big shock to hear that you're leaving Subscene... it won't be the same without you!! Please reconsider this decision. Your work and dedication are an integral part of this website.

When I first joined Subscene, i had many queries, and no one answered them -- despite sending them left right and center to all English and Arabic speaking admins -- except for YOU (*_*)... You were helpful and a thorough professional and it made feel more inclined to join this site and practice my subtitling hobby further.

It this is what's best for you, then I wish you the best of luck. But if you may reconsider dedicating a bit of time to Subscene, then it'd make a big difference to us all.

Thanks again for everything, and God bless you.


This is sad news.

Although I am fairly new here and have posted very little I have always had the highest regard for the balanced, humorous and straighforward words of rogard.

Blah !!!

Very sorry to see you go, rogard !

Okay, Maybe you should take a break for a while and then come back to us.

We're waiting for your comeback. :)

Where are you going man?


Stay here , don't leave ):

I'm sure you will be back after a while.

Nooo, this is really bad bad news
Specifically for me
Because I wanted to send him a message to thank him
About all his great job that always he done in here.
And I did not have that chance
And i'm really really really so sorry, Because I don't.

Dear brother, rogard

We all feel as you are a brother for all of us
And We don't want to lose you
I totally agree with mohamed algusbi
Just stay as a super-admin, do whatever you want whenever you want

i'm so upset

it's not good news

you did best your works in here and helped to me

you will be my best friend always

i'll miss you

i'm hopping you will comeback as soon

thank you for everything

Your leaving is hard news for me :(

I feel sad. We're gonna miss you so bad :(

Good luck with your life, Rogard.

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