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suggestions for beta

hi, congrats on your new look. If you are not developing this site through a development company. please ignore these suggestions.


  1. all your subtitles follow download zip, with may be subtitle id from database.
    Can you also append file name or title with it. You can truncate or replace spaces with _ or +.
    Why? Most of the times I download multiple subtitles, to check the one that works. Now after I get one, I can't tell which worked, and hence becomes difficult to post comments for it.
  2. language filter shouldn't be a link but select drop down. all default and english first, followed by other.
  3. its bad practice to open some other site links on this same page.

Awesome cool features for future.

JS frameworks make ajax a kid's play. So why not implement it.

  1. Don't go for complex imdb like search, but basic title search can be given on top.
  2. one subtitle works for other files also. so can you give show/hide comments button for each file.
    Or just few those liked or useful for others.
    You an give download link on next page. No problem.
  3. if above not possible then can you at least give something like 'lucky search'( when in 'Subtitles for' page), where database is searched for  that particular tite and hence filtering result.
  4. basic background image is followed. can ypu give some looks for logged in users, which changes body bg.

I suggest if you can replace current rating type ( I mean good or bad ) with new one , by giving the subtitle rate from 1 to 10 , and after while just keep the higher rate and delete the others,,

For example if I want to download a subtitle for movie from 2008,I will need  to search and try a lot  subtitles to find the best one,(( I talking here about non-English subtitles because it done manually and sometimes it contain many mistakes))



Page 1 of 1 (2 items)