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Recover my subs

What happen to my subtitles why it's been deleted

As far as I can see, it was a duplicate of this one:

...which is obviously the same machine translation, and I deleted it now, too.


Is it google translation 

You know i'm wasted my 3 days time for making this subtitles

And finally you called it a Google translation

Some people stolen my subtitles and they are still re uploading  it as there own but you didn't take any action about it

What about this links

This is my hard work 

I recovered your subtitles because they were indeed no google translations. I apologize for my mistake, but on the other hand I SHOULD delete them because they are so full of mistakes it hurts. Seriously, I think your English is just not good enough to transcribe English films.

The other subtitles are clearly based on yours (without credits), but since they are vastly improved (still bad though!), I'll let them stay. I'll add your name in the comment.

Page 1 of 1 (4 items)