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Lyliakar says Good-Bye after 10 years of being System Admin

Dear subscene community,

A few days ago our dear Lyliakar announced that she steps back from her role as an admin as of now for personal reasons, mainly time issues. We are shocked by this decision, but at the same time we have to respect and accept it. That won't be easy. Lyliakar has practically defined subscene single-handedly and has been the heart and soul of subscene for a decade. All those years she took care of the requests, complaints and needs of the subtitle community. She did her best to help everybody, although she never hesitated to ban all those bad guys who refused to follow the rules. She uploaded literally thousands of subtitles and translated quite a few herself. She was the one who in late 2007 created the subtitle admin team with foofoohightech, Dr kalid, myself and others in it. She taught us how to administrate a site like this and together we created the subscene rules that are still in effect today.

Without her, we wouldn't have subtitle admins for several languages now and this place would be a total mess. Without her, subscene would definitely not be the best and most visited subtitle site in the world. Something to be proud of, isn't it?

On behalf of all the admins and the whole community, I'd like to thank my dear friend Lyliakar for what she's done in so many years. We'll try to honor that commitment and we hope that the "spirit of subscene" will never leave us entirely. May she one day find the time again for what will always be the motivation and passion of all of us: quality subtitles for everybody to enjoy. She will remain a community member and I am sure that she would be happy to read lots of praise and positive comments or private messages in the days to come.

Thank you for everything you've done, Lyliakar. You did great.

Come on everybody, give her the praise that she deserves for 10 years of voluntary work and devotion!


Lyliakar .. Oh!

I'm so sorry to hear we will miss her. In fact, she was the first admin I talked with when I first became a user here. She really helped me as a user and as an admin later. I hope she will find the time to come back as an admin. I will relly miss her. Goodbye Lyli. 

Thanks a lot, Lyliakar.

Nothing is permanent. :-) ... I hope that you have made the right decision.

Enjoy your time and your life though I know that Subtitles world cannot be abandoned.

You will come back someday. :-)

Our most dedicated and oldest admin member has said goodbye. We will miss you Lyliakar! Subscene will be something different now that we don't have subscene + lyliakar!

Remember you are always welcome to come back if you want to.

I wish you the greatest luck in the real life girl!

oh, no!!!!
i already missed you, Lilia!
I'm not sure if you can remind me! but I'll never forget you! you were the when who helped so much in those days that we had no Persian admin here!

You were like my real friend back then!!

I always wish you the bests in your life. lots of wish and joy and success!

Subscene in no longer that old Subscene without you!

We'll miss you, Lyli! And thanks for everything :)

Have a wonderful life :)

Just read this and I can't even believe it. I'm so sorry this was late and wishing you all the best in your life, lyliakar! Subscene would've been nowhere without you. In fact, no subtitle community would've been anywhere without you. You set the foundations for many subtitling websites and it was a pleasure with you as an admin!


your achievement & present it will never be forgotten
for sure we will miss you
thank you for everything you done here!

Hey all,

I'm just a newbie here, and joined specifically to write & give praise to her for what she has apparently done in forming and setting up this wonderful community. Bravo, and well done Lyliaker! I am here because my wife is both handicapped/on a walker, and needs hearing aids. She can barely understand many movies at the theatre, so to find y'all-where I can now tag the lines on to dvds I might burn- is a real godsend...The efforts of each of you in administering the site, and of people like Lyliaker in bringing it to life, is greatly appreciated by those of us around the world. Thanks again!

10 years of hard work, We appreciate that.

Surely, The all site will miss her.

Bye Lyliakar

thank u for every thing ..

all the best for you


From a hearing impaired patron, I can't tell you how much I depend on and appreciate Subscene and its administrators for the quality of most of the subtitles and knowledge that what I do download is virus-free. 

Thank you, Lyliakar, for your part in Subscene's care for us all, and God bless you in your future endeavours!

I'm very sorry the hear this. She did a hell of a job. And she's a very fine lady. Very sensitive, smart, a hard worker and with the kind of humor I like. Hopefully she comes back some day. Me , myself am not here very often. My family and my job takes my time now. I take a peek now and then to see if I can help a bit. Strange that I didn't saw this topic sooner. I looked mostly in my inbox, maybe that's why.

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