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Divxstation has been archived!

As you may have noticed, Divxstation (DS) has been put to rest (archived) at the subdomain It is currently uncertain what Divxstation will be used for in the future but several ideas has been discussed (yes, you Vincent!).

The shutdown was due to old complex vbscript code that has become unmanageable.

As a result we encourage you to move all discussions you may have to Subscene - our new home :)

Thanks for all the help and contributions to Divxstation I know several of you reading this have made, its sad we have to freeze the site but lets look forward and remember the good times we had at DS's golden ages!


This is a sad day, no matter how we put it...

I hope the glorious Community at DS, which is what made me want to become a registered user there 4 and a half years ago, decides to keep sharing ideas, doubts, moments of life on Subscene.

DS is dead... long live DS! :)

Well, thats a shame. But it was slowly dying. I loved it though.

Roll on subscene!


Was like my second home back in the day.. 

 Shame indeed. What ideas are those Anders?

 A Sad Day Indeed :(,

 DS Forever !!! You will be dearly missed :(

it's sad to see it go, but It's for the best. Hopefully in the future it will be running again, but i won't hold out hope. It was a good run though, and it was nice meeting all of you.
all the best,

It's sad to see that beautifull site going down. But it's a bit of a comfort it's still readable and not deleted.

Those ideas have something to do in combination with subscene and a release search function. It's not like the exact descission has been made yet. :)

R.I.P. Divxstation

It has been a nice site, always visited it with pleasure. Nice people, good community.

But people, don't give up your hopes. You can keep on contacting eachother in the Subscene forums.

I was always afraid of this day. It's sad indeed. Anyways, I hope the new forums will be as good as the old one!

Le Roi est mort. Vive le Roi!

 Very well put :)

uhäää :( Rip DS 

it was bond to happen, now it officially is, actually took longer than it had to, :: found a prudent but clean way to do it, welcome to the subscene :)

 new colors new vibe same people so lets have a private party drink with all inhere

I agree about private party drink, that's the great reason for it :) 

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