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[STICKY] Someone stole my subtitles

I just want you to know that this kind of stealing make translators dissapointed
I uploaded American Pie Presents Beta House and two guy deleted my name
and write their names in it and uploded it with their accunts
take a look if you please
this is my subtitle
and these are that two links

if you dont believe you can see the ratingd and the times that my subtitle has downloded
thank you

 Thanks for the notice, both subtitles in question are deleted. Please keep us informed if it happens again.


This is another one
& ths is my subtitle
thank u so much for helping us to present our subtitles

The first one is 99% identical, but there are some corrections made. Have a look at this as an example:

00:00:48,880 --> 00:00:51,314
åí¡ ÓÑ. ÈÈíä å æÔÊ åÇíí ÇíäÌÇ ãí á˜ä

00:00:48,880 --> 00:00:51,314
åí ¡ ÓÑ ¡ ÈÈíä å æÔÊ åÇíí ÇíäÌÇ ãí á˜ä

There are many more slight corrections, mostly a space added. 

I can't read it, so I don't know....Anyway, it's not right to take your subtitle. I'll delete it, but please confirm that the changes are not good and not substantial. 

I sent a warning.

The second subtitle has already been deleted. :-) 


dear admin
I just took a look at timing & the dialogs
but this guy with user name undertaker have done this several times
& I don't think that if we use  "," instead of "." we can name it correction
the subtitle has not been deleted

 Well, I did not delete it so that you could check on it. Now it's deleted... :-)

please take a look at this link
this guy has used my subtitle with his own name


hi my sub has been stolen

my origanel sub


the persone who stole my sub is BlAcK_RiDeR


it's the same sub

but offcurs he did add his name to the sub

and  remove the forum name our forum name from the sub

but he forgot 1

pls. i ask from the admen to take the proper action

against the persone . cuz people like that they only give the

forum a bad name. 

we'll check the situation and take action. thanks.

please admin can i list you a list of all my stolen subtitles ????????


if you have a long day without any engagements ??????

BackFire: Your claim has been verified and subs in question are deleted.

diabloman: Please do :)

after 2 days i 'll monitor jumper stolen subtitles


lol too many

Gee ! We'll check them and take the necessary action.

Thank you.

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