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Subscene Toolbar is working again!

The toolbar is working again!

  Toolbar V1.1 by rogard

Today I made a toolbar for subscene. Everything to keep you guys  happy.

It works with different browsers and operating systems. Supported browsers are:

Internet Explorer

on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Note: Opera is currently not supported by the toolbar. That might change in the future.

It can be downloaded here:


It has tons of features, one of them is that you can remove all the stuff that you don't need. Have a look at the Toolbar Options in the toolbar menu (left of the search box).

1. Search:

- (Some other Websearch that is part of every conduit toolbar)
- Subscene film search (old or new site)
- Subscene release name search (old or new site)
- Subscene forum search
- Subscene member search
- imdb film search
- rotten tomatoes film reviews (very good)
- all4divx subtitle search: If you can't find it on subscene, you might give this a try.
- image search
- torrent search
- isohunt torrent search
- releaselog search
- scenereleases search
- wikipedia search (english)
- search
- tv rage search
- search
- search
- search

If you highlight a text on a webpage, it will automatically appear in the search box. That is very convenient, for example when you want to find a torrent for a release.

2. Show today's subtitles in your language

See today's uploads in your language. You can go further back if you click on the dates.

All languages have been added now.

3. My subscene:

Direct access to your user page, the My Subtitles page and your Private Messages

4. Forums:

- Direct access to the subforums, Rules, FAQ, Tutorials etc.
- Direct access to your forum subscriptions and your recent forum posts
- Direct access to the forum search.

5. RSS Feeds of the Subscene Forums:

Unfortunately, only new threads are displayed, not replies to existing threads. There is nothing I can do about that.

6. RLS (Releases) More RSS feeds

Rss feeds from releaselog, scenereleases, mininova, rapidshare king and newtorrents. Others can be added if requested.

7. Toolbar News

In case I have something to tell you....

8. Subscene Chat Room:

Maybe not so hot...but let's see.

9. Translation menu

This allows you to translate the whole page or any highlighted passages to Arabic, English, Dutch, Danish, Farsi/Persian, French, German, Spanish and Vietnamese. Other languages can be added if requested.

Note that in some cases the language can't be auto-detected. If that's the case, please enter the source language manually.

10. Links

A couple of really good sites about video and subtitles and our alltime classics from subscene :-)


- To change the search engine, cllick on the tiny arrow left of the "blue earth"

- You can shrink the toolbar and expand the Toolbar under Toolbar Menu / Shrink Toolbar.

- You can add more stuff by clicking on the + signs. There is a whole world of toolbar items for you to discover.

 - You can remove unwanted parts of the toolbar at Toolbar Menu / Toolbar Options / Predefined Components. Just uncheck everything you don't need and it's gone. (You can always bring it back later).



There is an option you need to set to change your standard search engine to subscene or something else. This is useful if you want to have the same search engine whenever you start your browser.

A. Click on the tiny arrow left of the search field.

B. Click on "Toolbar Options"

 C.Click on the tab "Additional settings"

and uncheck "Enable switch back to default Search Engine"

D. Click OK. Done.

Now the search engine will not switch back to the standard search on each browser start.

EDIT Nov 5 2010:

I changed the search mode for the Film Search and Upload Search to "Exact Seach(left to right)". Now every search is an exact search by default. In my opinion, that is a huge improvement.

Kudos to sigane for the idea.

EDIT: Nov 7 2010:

I reverted back to the normal search since the exact search doesn't work in some cases. Duh.

I am trying to find a better solution, but right now I don't have any ideas left.

EDIT: Dec 15 2012:

I changed the links so that the toolbar is functional again.

 Well-done man !

We really do appreciate your hard work here . . .

Thanks a million rogard


Keep the great work up !



 GREAT add to the site ,

I hope it gets better and better ,,, 

Bebo .

Thank you very much and I hope from you  better ideas in the future


 Glad you like it. If you have ideas for improvements or bug reports, please let me know.

 Great and fantanstic work i love it (rogard)

 you are genius :)

Good luck

 I am glad u implment my idea about this.  I knew it is useful that's why i always open 2 tabs for subscene and google same time so now i can use subscene addon to search release name or movie name in just 1 tab in firefox.  so hope i can find another suggest for this site.  also can't wait for version 3 of subscene.  how long version 2 last before version 3?

thanks aloot dude

this is big step for subscene

 GREAT add to the site


 Thank you very much



 Loving the toolbar fellas, great work! Seriously!

 Hi guys,

I've added two more search engines to the toolbar that are really useful for finding English words.

Urbandictionary (English slang)

OneLook (English Dictionary Metasearch)

ئه‌مه‌ كارێكی زۆر چاكه‌ به‌ڕێزم
it's very good work mr

Thank's so much 

 Thanks Rogard

And Congratulations SubScene

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