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Subscene search plugin

Here is an opensearch plugin for Mozilla Firefox, MS Internet Explorer 7 and 8 and probably Opera etc as well. It allows you to search for film titles directly in your browser search. (For Google Chrome see further down)

(Link will open in new tab/window)

 All you have to do on that page is to click on  "subscene" and your browser will ask you if you want subscene to be added to the list of search providers. You can even make it your standard search engine (but that's not recommended... :-)

(Get the plugin for and NOT!)


And here's a search plugin for Google Chrome:

and here a direct link for the Chrome plugin for MacOS X: 

(Thanks to mzdhr)

Nice addition to subscene Rogard! I see you also made a link to this topic on the frontpage - thats perfect!

 wow! great addition Rogard



 Thanx.. very helpfull!;)

 Wow! Great Job Rogard ?????





 a very useful tool, i wish for toolbar though [Stick out tongue]

 You wish has been fulfilled. I made a toolbar today. It can be found here:

 That was quick, wasn't it?



 What you made is fantastic...thank you so much.

please add the latest ENGLISH subtitels To the other.

realy I enjoy .

 The plugin dosen't work anymore... i hope the new plugin will be available soon. 

Yes, im shifting the domain back to just now, that should fix the search plugin!


When I have the Extension Enabled on Chrome and a do a regular search in Google I lose my scroll bars.  As soon as I disable it they return, any ideas?

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