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all DVD screeners - English

This is a all DVD screeners - English subtitle discussion.

please rate and review...


thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care about words being not capitalized

on behalf of hard of hearing people everywhere, can I thank people like you who take the trouble to create subtitles, and let me apologise for ungrateful people who complain, not about accuracy, but about debatable grammatical points,  due to infantile pedantry.

I don't believe that people speak... especially English, in mixed case... 90% of the dialoge in this movie is very casual... so I went casual with capitalism where appropriate.... if you don't like it... spend 8 hours like I did and fix it all from scratch

Thank-you very much for your hard work, on initial inspection, these look very good

I became a member just to thank you. I've looked for subs here and there and none of em very any good. But this was great.


And i'd like to thank you for the great job you've done with this and i hope you continue making great subs!

thank you for SUBs

does not synch up with Balckjesus DVDscreener

very good job yabbadabba I appreciate your effort, your very talented

No good. Stops at around 52:00. Re-encoded but no improvement. Srt seems fubared at 52m mark. I will try to fix the file. 

it definitely works all the way through on multiple pcs and players.... try re downloading it

i put up a blackjesus timing one

Tiny mistakes here and there.

A few include:

he's gotta have that, give him the friendly time

he needs some scolding

slow rolling us with al Houri

in Malaysia tells his Malaysia patient that

don't ask her how it's going with Amarra

tonights a conversation

a farmer on the active border

your friend is a man in

he had a sort of letter from the sheik

it said "come to me with jihad

Northern Light, one of the busiest parts

I've been condemned by Muhammad.

Do not you see what's in the folder?

There's more... mostly misspelled names.

Overall, great effort. Thanks for sharing.

Much better than google translate.

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