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Im working on a precise english translation, but it's gonna be a couple more days.... soon

I've done only a couple of these subtitles' line by line' and it's a bitch.

I know that I greatly appreciate any contrilbution anyone makes here and even if it has lots of

errors, it's a start and can be worked on and improved. 

Thanks again, hearing problems make them necessary for me.

All of you shut up. Be polite and comment on the subs. The movie has only been out for a few weeks. Bang Mama is trying to help you. Bang yo own mama. If you can't sub then learn some more languages.


You know who I mean....

bad set of subtitles.completely out of context.not even close to the original script.

I cant believe so many people gave it the thumbs up and before you think im being really critical let me say im being as fair as I can.oh well not to worry,its the thought that counts I spose and these were the only English ones available.

its worth waiting a few days for some new ones if you can as they can really spoil the film.

thanks anyhow for your time and effort,it is appreciated.take care and peace be with you.

chow for now.....

very nice, exactly sync, thank you :)

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