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About Subscene

Welcome to Subscene Version 1.0.
Release date: April 10, 2007
1. Popular downloads/subtitles. Added to the frontpage, both to indicate activitylevel of Subscene but also to serve as a shortcut to subtitles that are hot - it may just be the one you were looking for.
2. Subtitle search improved. Popular film titles are now sorted and will show on top of search results.
3. Sort by date Subtitles for a particular film is now sortable by date. This is particular convenient when searching for series. Again, a good suggestion by Subscene dedicated following.
4. URLs increasingly informative. Both from a informative (user-friendly) and SEO standpoint URLs now indicate what content their target contains.
5. Several back-end structural .NET changes.
6. Unfortunately several features posed for Beta 4 has been proposed to the next version upgrade. Work on subtitle requests have started but I was not able to finish it for this release.


Although I am the lead author of this website I have a great backing of professional people. They are listed here in no particular order:

Joen Asmussen

Userability, design and a multitude of ideas.

Website: Noscope

Telmo Azevedo (t@z)

T-SQL programming assistance and kind share of IMDB control.

Website: None

Kristian L. (Bob)

General programming assistance.

Website: None

Vincent (Vince)

Barrel-loads of ideas and network administration support.

Website: None

In sum, we have received many good ideas and suggestions from our Divxstation members both in the SuperUser and public area. Thanks everyone!!! You are the reason this has become such a great site!

Earlier versions of Subscene - About

Welcome to Subscene Beta 3.
1. New colors. I hope you like the green. It is to symbolize organic growth of Subscene - it grows organically as users contribute with content.
2. RAR files allowed again. By request from several prominent users at Divxstation I have changed the upload rules. It is allowed to upload RAR files again. However, this also means that you have to select the CD count manually - our Zip engine cannot count the number of files in a RAR file.
3. Improved voting. Voting has been ajaxified. This means that you can vote for a subtitle (right next to the download button) without refreshing the browser window. In addition, it is possible to view who voted for a particular subtitle.
4. My subtitles The "My subtitles" page has been improved. Go check it out.
5. Listing by language. By request from several users at Divxstation, you can browse subtitles by language. E.g. English subtitles
6. Upload statistics. Simple upload statistics added. See it here: Upload Statistics
7. Unfortunately several features posed for Beta 3 has been proposed to Beta 4.

Welcome to Subscene Beta 2.
1. After rigoursly repeated suggestions about changing the searchpage I decided to remake it. It now comprises a twofold search: First, the query looks for the film title and secondly all available subtitles for that particular film are listed. I am very confident that this is the most effective way of finding subtitles. Comments and upload date have been added.
2. The promised autozip upload page is ready for use. My efforts have been on minimizing the number of steps required when uploading subtitles. Cookie remembrance will auto-select earlier preferences.
3. As a requirement for being able to upload User registration is now open. If you are a member of Divxstation register in the same name will automatically transfer details, upload and post count.
4. Google ref highlight is now active on the historic overview pages. This means that once you find a link to Subscene from within Google your search query is highlighted on the page for easier tracking.
5. Pages should respond more rapidly as serverside caching have been implemented.
6. My Subtitles (Administration of own subtitles)
7. Public film title posting (from IMDB)